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Pruning and Tree Works

We undertake all aspects of tree felling, crown thinning, lifting & reduction, pollarding, dead wooding, technical takedowns, hedge trimming & laying, pruning, grounds maintenance and we offer a free advisory service before we start any work.

Tree Felling

The complete removal of a tree from roots to crown.

Crown Thinning, Lifting & Reduction

Thinning is the art of removing specific branches to make the tree appear less bulky. Lifting is a basic term used for when a Tree Surgeon removes lower branches or limbs to increase the access underneath without altering the growth pattern of the tree itself. Reduction is removing specific branches and limbs to reduce the complete size of the tree for aesthetic purposes, the decrease end loading of the larger branches and to reduce the wind sail factor of a tree to make it less prone to wind and storm damage.


The removal of all upper branches trimmed professionally back to the trunk or stem so that the re-growth of the tree can be managed to fit a specific environment, a practice commonly used in built up or urban areas.

Dead Wooding & Cleaning

The removal of Dead Wood under any given canopy to ensure that the tree is as safe as it can be without detracting from its growth pattern or appearance. Cleaning is the removal of either hazardous or potentially dangerous branches, limbs or trunk due to storm damage, squirrel damage or natural deformity.

Stump Grinding

This is the process upon a man operated machine removes any sized tree stump after it has either been felled or fallen of its own accord. Our machinery will grind out to a foot below ground level to ensure all major roots from the tree are removed which allows for effective re-turfing or planting


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